Once I held a shoelace in my hand and I wondered how it would look like to have a pair of striped black and white laces on an unmatching shoe say Brown..…. I thought about it and made further studies and it had been a burden on my heart to write on this particular topic. As I thought deeply about this, it reframed into a question that the Lord wants a every professed Christian and believer to constantly ask him/herself. Is my life truly reflecting Jesus Christ as the Lord over me? Is my soul that aligned to the Perfect Will of God? Are the fruits that I’m exhibiting profess Jesus Christ as the only true king?
As Christians, we are to bear fruits that befits one and not to go back each time to eating our own vomit. We were brought out of darkness into His marvellous light to taste of the eternal life in Him and testify to the others. We are the extension of His grace and love unto the many that are in the world.

In Matthew 7:21, the bible reads, Not everyone who calls me Lord shall enter the kingdom of God but those who do what the father in heaven wants them to do. Doesn’t it amaze you and make you wonder how that people with the spirit of God at work in them and who have come to the full knowledge of Christ are being robbed off by the entanglements of this life of gaining access to the kingdom of God. This scripture makes us understand that it is not enough to come to a point where you know God inside out. It takes the one who goes the extra mile to doing and living in the Will of God.
What then is the Will of God? The Will of God is that we choose the path of righteousness and walk by Faith in Him alone.

The shoelace as we all know is supposed to be on a matching pair of shoes where it actually belongs and a Christian is expected to do same. We are in the world but not of the world so we ought to be conscious of the characters exhibited since they tell of who we truly are. You cannot be identified as Christian by the characteristics of a worldly person. It’s an error. Christ is our source. It is not enough to be a scriptural and spiritual Christian on Sundays and what happens to the rest of the days of the week? Revelation 3:15-16, Christ tells us that He knows all our works, our level of commitment towards Him and the things pertaining to Him and that we are neither cold nor hot in them, this He terms ‘lukewarm’ and that He’s going to spit out people as such. He continues to tell of His wish that we chose either of the two to make it a lot more easier. We seem so sceptical and indifferent about this great God who happens to be our source of life and strength.

Today, I would like you to know that all this, is that we will gain entry into the kingdom of God to commune with Him and be right under His feet, in His presence cause that’s where we belong. Being Lukewarm robs us of the divine provisions made available to us. Let us make a declaration today that we are going to be like a pair of matching shoelace on a matching pair of shoes with regards to our Christian character and living.

The Person In My Dream

How do I become what you’ve said I’ll be? How do I become what you’ve shown me in my dreams? What steps do I take in making this dream a reality? What do I do? Where do I go? Are my steps truly directed and inspired by your spirit? Here is a picture of a matured, strong, wise, firm and knowledgeable Christian who appears to be more like a different and opposite version of this same person who is so feable, easily shaken and so much of a mental hobble of what is in my dream. How do I even know that what I have on my heart is genuinely from you and not just to relief me of my frustrations?

These are some of the questions that run through our heads each and every passing moment as we sit back to reflect on everything that has happened in our lives after we got to know what we’ve been called into and our purpose in the Christian faith. We get to certain points that we do not know what steps to take any longer and even wonder if the decisions we’ve made earlier are in alignment with God’s Perfect Will because it’s is one thing to walk in the Permissive Will of God and totally another walking in the Perfect Will of God.

But then remember always that, it is written boldly in His Word that, the Lord has already answered us and that all we have to do is to pray and not faint(Luke 18:1). It is not enough to only pray when all we do is wallow in doubt and fear all the time. We are to pray fervently and back it with all the faith that we’ve got to catapult it in reality.

Also, know that life and death lies in the power of the tongue so then what we are supposed to be doing in these times is to be down on our knees at the secret place of prayer cooking up possibilities because you have been given the power to decide on a matter and it will be established and light will shine on your ways (Job 22:28).

There is an assurance that the Lord has given us and that the fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much so therefore write your visions down and make them plain on tablets that it may run he who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end- it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come and not delay.(Habakkuk 2:2-3). There is something I term The Waiting Phase of Life. In that stage, you do not sleep, neither do you rest nor take a break. What you do is grow your hunger and thirst for Him and want more of everything that He’s has to offer to you.

Beloved, it is not enough to always seek answers to your questions whereas you should be doing something with the little time that you have on your side. As I always say, ‘What power has knowledge if it is not put to use?‘ You must be ready to be responsible for ever action of yours because to every question is an answer and it can’t be left unattended to. Start living consciously because it’s the only thin line that separates you from the person in your dream!

Vessels of Honour

It baffles me knowing that we resort to solutions that partially solve the problems we created for ourselves out of ignorance and our unreasonable acts. We have created so much problems that have entangled us and have become determinants in our fellowship with God. These things have prevented us from yielding to the full manifestations and expressions of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Lord that gives eternal, everlasting and unchanging peace in Him and in our lives.
In one way or the other, we lost the link between who we are and what we are made for which will in turn make us aware and knowledgeable of our purpose in Christ and be able to make it actualize and walk in the dominion of it. God is always ever ready to receive us back into His arms. He makes provisions that makes it easier to find our way back to Him. He first loved us and that explains why we’re His chosen.
You might have been battling with this character of yours that seems to not speak highly of you as a professed Christian, this situation of yours that goes and comes back after a while with no single ray of hope in the dark. You have tried so hard to go through self denial and die to self that you’ll live a glorious life in Christ but it all seem to be a dead end. I know you would say you have tried really hard but have you exusted all the options there is? You can’t be stagnatedin what you find yourself now. Let’s be realistic here, the situation as of now is a result to we limiting God of the mighty and glorious things He can do in and with our lives.
“Cannot I do with you as this potter?” (Jer 18:6).This is a question me must ask ourselves time and again. The potter as we know makes vessels as a human activity but I we are going to look at the vessels he makes in the context of divine activity in relation to God being the potter and we as the clay. We are made to understand that in a house there vessels of gold, silver, wood and of course clay of with some are of honour and others, dishonour( 2Tim 2:20). The vessels of dishonour are the ones that in one way or the other couldn’t escape the snare of the devil and have been taken captive and engaged themselves with the affairs of this world; youthful lusts, foolish and ignorant disputes, amongst many others. The potter has a system of remoulding where he makes sure that the marred clay is worked on over and over. This is a system made possible according to His riches in grace that He uses in other to get us into the original plan. He moulds us to fit into His purpose for our live, into the vessels that will make known the riches of His glory through mercy and be useful for the Master, prepared for very good work.

Beloved, let us go back to the greatest potter of all time and ages to mould us back into the original plan thus, Vessels of honour, the ones filled with His glory and majesty and testifies of His greatness. Remember, that the Lord has called us to himself with the aim of restoring us back to being The Vessels Of Honour.


Many of us look forward to being used by God in his dealings. The mere mention of being called sounds so good and fantastic in our ears that we just can’t wait to experience such moment in our lives. Men of old had experiences like the burning Bush, in the belly of a fish, the great flash of light and many significant others as a sign of their calling. Think about this, “Does that mean that our claims of being called is illegitimate?”

The bible clearly states that ‘Many are called but only a few are chosen’ Matt 22:14. We do not have to wait for what we term “the big call” in order to do what is placed on our hearts to do. It is one thing to be called and its totally another to be chosen. The chosen are the ones who enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ in Faith. Thus, you have to work hard towards being chosen. You might have noticed that God can’t force you to do something you haven’t agreed to willingly. That is why He asked whom he should send out there to do His Will. The second part of the verse tells how the prophet, Isaiah willingly accepted to be sent.

Just before the main verse under discussion, thus verse 7 of the same chapter, Prophet Isaiah is being forgiven of all his sins and then consecrated. It expedient that we get this once and for all, that it is sin that separates us from God, Isaiah 59:2. This is one very important thing and if it were not so, it would not have be important for Isaiah to gain forgiveness just before he is called. We must gain forgiveness from God in order to have a better relationship and live experientially in the fullness of his grace.

In short, all I want to communicate here is that we have been called and it is totally up to us to avail ourselves and be apart of the few who are chosen. It is not enough reason to wait for visions and encounters and prophesies and the likes. Everything you need is written in His word, make time to know Him more by studying and going the place of prayer often. The time is close, its now!

Who a strong woman is

It saddens me to know that women are made to think that their place is at the kitchen and the other room and if you’re fortunate enough, you get some little space to make you think that at least you made something out of your life. Women are made to think so lowly of themselves and are limited to being just ordinary people and wives. It is time for ladies to rise to a point that is beyond human comprehension, a point that only testifies of our Lord’s greatness and brings glory to his name and everyone else around. It is not enough to stick to what is being said of women as being ordinary. The Lord has called us to be valiant women of Faith and we must start putting in more effort to attain greater height in the Lord. I woke up today and felt in my spirit the need to enlighten my sister’s in Christ on what makes a strong woman.

From a lame man’s perspective, a strong woman is one who can stand up for herself, emotionally stable, fit physically, fearless and a lot more. But the question we should be asking ourself is, Is that all or there’s more to it? All these attributes are what the world is grooming us to possess. I’m not saying that all these are not good but what I’m trying communicate here is that we have a greater calling. We must assume a position that will help us get back what was rightfully ours. It is time to align ourselves to becoming the generation of army that God is raising.

A strong woman is knowledgeable. Knowledge they say is truely power. You are responsible for who and what you become. Ignorance is no excuse so make meaningful use of every time made available to you by Grace. She knows who her real enemy and fights him head on. She prepares adequately in the place of prayer. She commands the grace and strength of God tactfully and skilfully in her favour in the place of prayer. The greatest power she possesses is knowing without a doubt that God is on her side and for her victory. Someone once wrote, ” They said that a woman’s place is the kitchen and the other room but what they don’t know is that she is prophesying. For truely her place is in the kitchen of the deep, where she cooks realities and possibilities to feed nations”. It is time for the Deborah’s and Esther’s and the other great women of old to arise in our dispensation.

Arise O daughters of Zion!!!.